Born and raised in the Netherlands, KYBOE! founders Dick Sijmons and Kees de Bruïne have been best friends since childhood. As they grew up, they discovered a shared passion for travel, music and adventure mixed with a laid back, bohemian lifestyle.

But for all of their carefree tendencies, the pair also happen to share a love for fashion and business. They began making their own bright, fashionable watches—fashion accessories that could show off their enthusiasm for life. Dick’s stylish designs and Kees’ natural charisma made the watches a national success, but they wanted more. They saw an opportunity to make bigger, bolder, higher quality products … and that’s when KYBOE! watches were born.

KYBOE! watches are bright, bold and beautiful, inspired by the endless flower fields the Netherlands is known for. They represent an active, lighthearted lifestyle. They’re the perfect accessory for living life to the fullest, whether you’re spending the day at the beach or the night at the club … or anything in between.