Compulsion, indeed, obsession for fashion design, is hardly something one expects to come out of seeing Disney’s Snow White, but for 3-year-old Anna Kosturova, that’s exactly what happened. The titular character’s vibrant costume made a profound visual impact on her. Always preferring real-life proportions to dolls, Anna grew up endlessly playing dress-up in front of the mirror and subsequently getting her aunt to make the “latest” fashion inventions.

As it often happens, natural instincts were overwritten by the realities of the education system, and instead of pursuing arts, Anna earned a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in textile technology. It took a few years for her to acknowledge her flair for art and fashion and to pursue it professionally. She refers to this radical change in her life as “a personal liberation… a process of decoding my DNA to claim my own happiness.”